Florida Registration Law is a Black Hole that No One Escapes – Ever

(Not even if you’re dead.)

If you are on the Florida Sex Offender Registry but no longer living in Florida, The Florida Action Committee (FAC) is organizing potential legal action to seek removal of those no longer in the state of Florida.

There are currently over seventy thousand (70,000) individuals on the Florida registry. In fact; less than half are actually physically present in the community. MOST are incarcerated, have moved out of the state, or were only in Florida temporarily and had to register, have been deported or are deceased.

The purpose of Megan’s Law (public disclosure) was to create, “notification programs so the public can be warned about sexual offenders living in the community.” Florida’s registry is comprised MOSTLY of people NOT living in the community.

If you remain listed on the Florida public registry, but are no longer residing in a Florida community, you may be eligible to participate in this legal action. It is important to note that since most Florida Action Committee (FAC) members are in Florida and this potential suit would not benefit them, FAC cannot help in funding this lawsuit. Costs will need to be shared by those participating in the suit and it is our hope that by bringing several similarly situated people together, the pooled resources will enable this lawsuit to move forward, where individual resources might not.

If you are interested in learning more; please contact legal@floridaactioncommittee.org.

Read more at Florida Action Committee website.

Read more at NARSOL website.

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