podcast-1400x1400What better day to launch our brand new Registry Report Podcast than on Independence Day?  We’re working to reform sex offender registry laws and policies so registrants can live independent, peaceful, productive lives without the constant fear of humiliation, harassment, or vigilantism!

Our goal is to have a new episode released each week, and to bring you the latest news, analysis, and advice while inviting the most interesting and informative guests available!  We also will do our best to provide you with viewpoints and analysis that you can’t get anywhere else, and perhaps even have a little fun while we’re at it.

Our understanding is the podcast will be available via Apple iTunes, Spotify, and most other podcast players or RSS readers. We’re also working on adding a proprietary Android and iOS app in the future.

The success of this podcast depends upon your support. Please bookmark it, share it, and support it with your participation and donations whenever possible. We are looking forward to accomplishing great things together, with your help!

Listen to the Registry Report Podcast