What is NARSOL?

NARSOL is the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws. We believe that sex offender registries were originally presented as a means for tracking persons convicted of the most heinous offenses but have long lost that purpose. We support evidence-based policies and programs that can reliably reduce new sexual offenses and thus make our communities safer.

Public registration, proximity restrictions, and residency restrictions are clearly shown to bear no relationship to public safety and, when extended beyond an individual’s sentence, are punitive, violating protected constitutional rights. The misinformation and stigmatization used to justify harsh sexual offense laws undermine the welfare of society, creating unnecessary panic and distrust. How does NARSOL accomplish its mission? We:

  • challenge unconstitutional state & federal laws;
  • provide a reliable source of news & information;
  • maintain a state-by-state registry law wiki;
  • hold the media accountable on registry topics;
  • inform the public and tell registrants’ stories;
  • operate Vivante Espero, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation and legal fund;
  • maintain the NARSOL.org website and podcast.

How can I help?

Join us; donate to us; volunteer with us; and join your state NARSOL organization. Recommend us to your friends, and make plans to attend our annual conference! For more information, visit https://NARSOL.org