blogtalkradioiconJust a little over a month ago, Registry Report Radio made its debut appearance on and in that short time, the show has conducted fascinating interviews with some iconic guests and fostered deep discussions on the subject of sex offender registry reform and criminal justice.

The show’s hosts – Michael McKay, Shawna Baldwin, Elizabeth Christensen, and Dwayne Daughtry – offer a melange of personalities, knowledge, and experiences which contribute to a unique and engaging chemistry between the hosts and make listening to the show a pleasure.

The show’s producer, Michael McKay, hopes to eventually expand the capabilities of the show to include call-in episodes, a live chatroom during broadcasts, and bringing additional hosts on-board to facilitate an expanded schedule of broadcasts that could conceivably expand to live shows seven days a week.

follow-on-btrMore information about the show, its hosts, and scheduling can be found at: or you can visit the show’s BlogTalkRadio page to browse and follow the show.


Episode 1: Encouraging Developments in Michigan and Alabama

Episode 2: An Interview with Mary Sue Molnar, Executive Director of Texas Voices for Reason and Justice

Episode 3: An Interview with Dr. Alissa Ackerman, Criminologist and Advocate for Restorative Justice

Episode 4: An Interview with Dr. Will Mingus, Editor in Chief of LifeTimes Magazine and Executive Director of Illinois Voices

Episode 5: Nick Dubin, Psy.D. on Autism, the Registry, and Advocacy

Episode 6: Lenore Skenazy, founder of the “Free Range Kids” movement

Episode 7: Jason’s Story – From the Registry to Synagogue President to Advocate

Episode 8: Rachel Barkow – NYU Law Professor & Author of “Prisoners of Politics”

Episode 9: Gail Colletta – President, Florida Action Committee

Episode 10: David Lee Garlock – CJ Reform and Second Chances Advocate

Episode 11: Meaghan Ybos – People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws

Bonus Episodes:

Reintegration, Rehabilitation, and Lessons Learned – Harvard to the Big House

Round Table Discussion: GA Supreme Court Strikes Down Lifetime GPS Monitoring

Meet the Team: An Interview with Elizabeth Christensen

Thoughts on Ron Book, Hatred, and Humanity

Labeling a Registrant in Death: What’s the Point?

The Consent Conundrum

Does the Registry Create More Problems than it Solves?

Ten Tips for Advocating for Registry Reform on Social Media