The Last Laugh Trading Consortium is a financial literacy project designed to help those with the greatest challenges to re-entry after incarceration – those with felony convictions or who are on a sexual offense registry. The project’s goal is to train ten formerly incarcerated or registered people to become profitable options traders.

The project aims to break the cycle of unemployability and at-risk employment for those with a record of felonies and sexual offenses. Almost as bad as the inability to find meaningful employment is the constant threat or fear of losing whatever job you might be lucky enough to have at the whim of an employer or due to the actions of a retribution-minded “activist.”  Let’s face it, no job is forever, and you will never become independent and/or wealthy while punching a time-clock.

Candidates who meet certain prerequisites will be trained to create income through trading equity options. Those students who are successful in the 2020 cohort will be expected to help train the next cohort of students in 2021. If this project establishes a positive and verifiable track record, our goal will shift in 2021 to obtaining crowdfunding or sponsorships that would allow LLTC to train hundreds of people in the coming years.


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