In October 2021, I was honored to be asked to deliver a presentation for advocates and organizations at the 2021 NARSOL National Conference on “Messaging That Gets Results.”

From the promotional blurb:

Do you sometimes feel that your personal advocacy or your organization’s efforts feel like you’re shouting into an abyss? Are you frustrated because your “message” doesn’t seem to be resonating with enough people? You’re not alone, and there may be some very good (and avoidable) reasons why your messaging isn’t getting the results you hoped for. Michael McKay, NARSOL’s Marketing Director, is a marketing professional with 27 years of experience selling ideas, products, services, and programs to the public.

In this presentation, Michael discusses why our messaging often fails to find its mark, and what we can do to get better results as advocates, organizers, and communicators.

NARSOL is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization exclusively dedicated to defending the constitutional liberties of registered citizens and their families.NARSOL opposes dehumanizing registries and works to eliminate discrimination, banishment, and vigilantism against persons accused or convicted of sexual offenses through the use of impact litigation, public education, legislative advocacy, and media outreach in order to reintegrate and reconcile affected individuals and restore their constitutional rights.