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LLTC ToS Settings

For members of the LLTC group using Think or Swim on a computer, these are the preferred settings that you should be using. The reason for this is simple. It will help us to be seeing the same things when we look at a chart. As you gain more experience, you will add your own personal touches, and perhaps even abandon these settings altogether. But for now, these settings will make things a lot easier for everyone concerned.

First, we’ll be spending most of our time on the TRADE >>> ACTIVE TRADER screen. From that screen, click on the little gear symbol to get to your settings. (Each is circled in yellow, below.)

main screen

Once the settings window pops up, start with the GENERAL tab. Change whatever settings you have currently to match the settings below.

Important! Double check every setting, to include check marks. Set your local time to your own time zone.


Be sure to click the green OK button, or everything will go back to the way it was!

Next, click the PRICE AXIS tab, and change the settings to conform the the ones below:

price axis settings

Again, don’t forget to click OK.

Next, go to the TIME AXIS tab, and change your settings thusly:

time axis settings

Now, adjust your FAVORITE TIME FRAMES settings:

favorite time frames

Now, adjust your APPEARANCE settings:


And finally, your EQUITIES settings, like so:

equities settings

Ignore the OPTIONS, FUTURES, and FOREX tabs for the time being.

Click OK one last time, and your done with this little chore.

– – – –  –

To set your STUDIES like mine, use this screen as your template:


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