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target-on-backRegistry Report: How the Sex Offender Registry Abets Vigilantism and Murder May 25, 2018

invisibleRegistry Report: Five Reasons Why Becoming Invisible Isn’t The Answer May 27, 2018


The Hill:  SORNA Vengeful, Unconstitutional, and Due for Full Repeal  March 5, 2018


The Hill: Sex Offender Registries Endanger the Lives They Are Meant to Protect  October 25, 2017

dsdaughtry.pngIf the Sex Offender Registry Ended Tomorrow  May 28, 2018 by DS Daughtry,  The Subjective Belief Blog

restaurant-small1Locked Up For What You Might Do: The Good Lives Model Perverted  May 30, 2018  by Michael M.,

restaurant-small1Today, They Stamped “Sex Offender” on My Driver’s License  June 4, 2018  by Michael M., The Registry Report


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