The Registry Report

News and Reporting on the Sex Offender Registry

Registry Report Mission


The mission of The Registry Report is:

  • to educate the public on important issues relating to the sex offender registry.
  • to inform those most impacted by new developments and court rulings regarding the sex offender registry.
  • to give concerned citizens a forum to voice their opinions and offer solutions.
  • to facilitate citizen advocacy by providing the necessary information, connections, and tools to be effective in a challenging public relations environment.
  • to document and expose the widespread abuses, misdeeds, exploitation, and mismanagement that is so pervasive in the execution of archaic sex offender laws and policies.

Our Vision:

  • We look forward to a day when registrants are treated with the dignity and respect that should be afforded all human beings.
  • We look forward to a day when rehabilitated registrants who truly want to become contributing assets to their communities are given the opportunity to do so.
  • We look forward to a day when the constitutional rights of all Americans are valued and protected, even those whose past crimes may be abhorrent to you.
  • We look forward to a day when our society can move beyond hatred, revenge, shunning, banishment, or vigilantism as a way to deal with those who have already paid the price for their crimes and want to move forward with their lives.
  • We look forward to a day when the innocent families, friends, employers, and associates of registrants can live without fear of becoming “collateral damage” as the result of anti-sex offender hysteria.
  • We look forward to a day when our governing bodies enact laws and employ policies or practices that actually help to solve the problem of recidivism, rather than pandering to the public’s fears and misconceptions.


Registry Report Policies:

  • We will make every attempt to give full attribution of authorship to any materials re-blogged or excerpted from other sites. If you have a copyright concern, please contact us at
  • Registry Report will refuse to publish anyone’s privileged personal information, gratuitous details, demeaning photographs, or other inflammatory materials judged to be contributory to an atmosphere of public persecution, hatred, or humiliation.
  • Registry Report does not condone vigilantism of any kind, in any degree, against anyone.

The Registry Report is a work in progress. 

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